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  • Detailed information regarding poultry farming and its importance
  • Employment and Self-employment opportunities under the conc3ept of Poultry Farming
  • Selection of different chicken specie, their maintenance and breeding.
  • From egg to chicken- a complete breeding and maintenance guide.
  • Poultry farming, production, market and trading.
  • Subsidized loan schemes from Nationalized Banks.
  • Ownership with the farmers
  • Accompanied by every governmental subsidiary facility

Boiler Contract Farming


  • Facility to breed high quality marketable boiler species
  • Provisional facility for healthy newborn chick with safe delivery
  • Vaccination and medication facility support from all companies
  • No huge investment
  • Long-lived annual income
  • Direct contract with the firm
  • No worries about the market price hike or fall
  • Everything with ease and smooth-flowing




This is the name for commercial egg production business. The birds need to be taken care of from the first day of their birth. They start laying eggs when they are 18 to 19 weeks old and keep laying until theyreach 72 to 78 weeks of age.For every 2.25 kg of food that they consume, they produce one kg of eggs,during their egg-laying period.



• Excellent way to generate a steady source of income
• Employment opportunity at your own place
• Doesn’t require too much capital
• Easy to set up and maintain
• Minimum water requirement
• Poultry droppings make for excellent fertilizer
• Layer farmed eggs are very high in nutritional value



Successful Layer Poultry Farming involves
• Choosing the right types of chicks
• Feeding them nutritiously
• Administering medications and timely vaccinations
• Caring for growing chicks
• Protecting chicks from climate extremes
• Maintaining chicks at proper weight
• Raising layer chicks for better production of eggs
• Handling birds carefully
• Monitoring the health of adult hens
• Understanding methods of egg collecting and grading
• Learning how to store and transport eggs

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