About Us


Pune-based Kok-Doo-Ko is a full-service consultancy that provides all kinds of support to farmer communities in establishing their own, successful layer poultry farming business and  earns a sustainable, supplementary income for life. As an alternate source of income, it will protect them against vagaries of weather and crop failure.
Since incorporation in 2017, Kok-Doo-Ko has been selling quality poultry feeds to individual open farmers. We have now evolved into a full-service consultancy, a one-stop-shop for training, financial assistance and complete support to farmers who want to start layer poultry
farming with us.


To reduce poverty in the rural areas of India by turning farmers into successful poultry farm


To emerge as a one-stop poultry farm consultancy that bridges the gap between the demand and supply of egg production in the country by creating layer poultry farming business opportunities for farmers and create a robust supply chain for them so that they are able to earn a sustained living.


To achieve a production of 50 lakh eggs per year in the state by tying up with more than 2000  farmers in Maharashtra

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