Pune-based Kok-Doo-Ko is a full-service consultancy that provides all kinds of support to farmer communities in establishing their own, successful layer poultry farming business andearns a sustainable, supplementary income for life. As an alternate source of income, it willprotect them against vagaries of weather and crop failure.

Since incorporation in 2017, Kok-Doo-Ko has been selling quality poultry feeds to individual open farmers. We have now evolved into a full-service consultancy, a one-stop-shop for training, financial assistance and complete support to farmers who want to start layer poultryfarming with us.

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To offer quality and innovative products have made Kokdooko a brand to reckon with.

Breeder Farm



Contract Broiler Farm

Business with Happiness

Mould your traditional agriculture into Poultry Farming Opportunity & Grab On the dream of  becoming an entrepreneur in low investment.


                                                                        Your dreams are our now!!!!

Accompanying Success for a Progressive Tomorrow

Disappointed by Nature and Government, farmers have this exclusive opportunity for one stop solution to all their problems with.




Kok-Doo-Ko can help you establish your layer poultry farming business successfully in a worry-free, hassle-free manner.

  • Our experts train you completely on all aspects of layer poultry farming until you are confident ofWe have tied up with banks to help you obtain the funds that you require to set-up your layer
    poultry farming business. We take care of the entire documentation.
  • We offer complete support in terms of designing and constructing your layer poultry farm, purchasing and installing equipment, buying chicks, and managing the entire production of the project.
  • We have signed contracts with traders to help you sell your produce regularly, and at the best rates that you can get.
  • We don’t rest until we know you are running your layer poultry farming business successfully.
  • We de-risk business for farmers by providing all inputs, such as chicks, their feed and other support infrastructure and technical know how, one cycle in advance to make it a very economic and viableagri- business project for them.


Booking amount Rs.20,000/-
Birds Cost: 25% after land survey
Cages Cost -50% of the cage cost

*This projection is subject to variation

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